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Level of service

We will organize you the best service you’ve ever see and any service that you wish.

Business style
If you and your clients need a business style, we will organize European level of accommodation, transportation, conference service and catering.
Luxury style
Your clients live in a king’s palace.
On breakfast they have vodka and red soft caviar. They travel on limo Escalibur. Every detail of their tour is luxury.

National style
If your clients want something special, we can offer a national style of accommodation, national food – “Borshch and salo”, transportation on relay of horses.

Extreme style
If your clients want more extreme except the extreme action program we can propose them to live in tents, to travel by armed vehicle and to cook on campfire. They will ware military clothes and eat from the military dishes.


We can organize you any kind of service in our unusual country.