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Quest Games

Quest Game is the best way to unite extreme pastime, individual program and interesting places into one exciting tour.

AutoQuest Group and Quest Event Network agency is the founder of Quest Games in Ukraine. This is why we have every reason to say we are the top company for outdoor activities and we can offer you the best enjoyment of this great extreme action with us.

AutoQuest is a kind of intelligent sport racing. From the early beginning, it was the most favorite live-game among Ukrainian youth, and it is becoming more and more popular every day. It gives you an opportunity to feel real and amazing emotions playing a kind of scavenger hunt.

Quest is a team-game. Each team consists of three to ten members moving on a cars or minibuses.

Playing quest is like being a hero of the film “The Game” by David Fincher with Michael Douglas. The teams solve various logical tasks, catching sights in different unusual places, seeking original solutions. After solving one task they move to another one, continuing team brain-storm. The team which manages all the tasks first wins the game.


Main advantages of autoquest in team-building and coaching:

  • Quest game allows co-workers to collaborate in extreme circumstances in conditions of quick solving unusual problems and tasks. That’s why even unaquainted people in several hours become the best friends.
  • Quest reveals the hidden qualities of people, such as the hidden leaders, intellectuals, logistics, inclinations and habits of players.
  • Quest allows co-wokers and customers to know better company's products, because all tasks and scenario of game are thematic and tied to a corporate brand.
  • Extreme steps allow the participants to get over emotional outbursts that psychologically bring them together and makes closer to each other.
  • Intelligent stages allow participants to develop erudition and demonstrate resourcefulness.
  • Game tasks give a lot of positive emotions and happy memories, contribute to the development of communicative skills.

AutoQuest Group has arranged more than 1000 quest games and realized more than 400 ideas and scenarios of team-building trainings.