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Uncommon country


Due to the fact that Ukraine is the former USSR republic, it is very interesting, but not so easy to get all the secrets of our country.

We live & work here for many years, we are able to present Ukraine in the most intimate and personal way.

This region of the world is changing rapidly now. After many years being behind the Iron Curtain now these places are open to the Western traveler but due to language barriers and big cultural differences, independent travel is not so easy and often just impossible.

If you wish, we will gladly give you a helping hand and will “open the window to Ukraine”.



Because of constructing process of Ukrainian economics, price of lots of goods are really low comparing with prices in most European countries.

City bus – ?0,2
Underground - ?0,17
Bus to another city (more than 500 km) - ?12
Gas - ?0,6 per liter

Food and drinks in markets
Bread - ?0,24
Beer - ?0,6 per 0,5 liter
Vodka - ?2 per 1 liter
Dinner in restaurant
Average ?26 per bill per person
Extreme sports
2 hours excursion on ATV - ?45
Parachute jumping - ?25
Balloon flying - ?400 per hour
Airplane flying - ?20 per 10 minutes
Roller riding - ?7
Rope park - ?7